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"Craving for Brighter Mind"?

Liberate your Mental Energy

A Cool Brain Harbors a Great Mind.

VRITOL, for the Well-Being of the Brain.

Overloading the brain with heavy workload and complex projects can exhaust and slows it down, causing a "dark" state of mind.
In the twilight of one's life, many experience a "darker" or depressed state of mind than the past. Nothing is as easy as before, from recollecting numbers and names to assembling pieces of ideas into a project.

Mental overload and/or aging allow accumulation of stress materials in the brain that clogs and jams the brain circuit and may easily overheat the brain.
Just like your cars and computers need to be cooled by fan and water to demages from overheating, your brain needs to be cooled down for proper function and thus for brightness.

VRITOLCREAM is a revolutionary cream that supports the well-being of the brain simply through massaging of the cream around the head and neck area.
It quickly relaxes the tense muscles and promotes proper circulation to facilitate your brain in clearing the accumulated stress that had once clogged and jammed the brain circuit.


• Exclusively formulated for the well-being of the brain
• "Craving for brighter mind?"
  Do VRITOL and bring a brighter mind, brighter world
• Patent Registration No. KR1006664710000

VRITOL is especially for....

Students preparing for important exams

Never-ending, overwhelming study loads for college prep exhaust students and hinder their performance.
Do VRITOL and outperform in school.
Seniors concerned about gradual memory decline

In the twilight of one's life, many experience difficulty in recollecting numbers and assembling pieces of information into a whole stroy.
Do VRITOL and reclaim youthfulness.
Menopausal women experiencing mood swings

Around menopause when the balance of hormones is changing, a somewhat gloomy or "down" feeling often visits one'e mind. Just like the sun is always there even in the gloomy and cloudy weather, you inner light is always within you.
Do VRITOL and bring out your inner brightness.
Professionals performing highly demanding mental work

Top-notch intelligence has a competitive edge in this fast-moving professional and business world.

Do VRITOL and keep your great mind at its best.



Million Students


Million Seniors


Natural Sea Polyphenol


Years of Fundamental research

Apart from pharmaceutical development, Phloronol Inc., in collaboration with oriental medicine doctors, has been researching alternative and complementary medicinal methods to improve the quality of life of those suffering from degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and stroke.
During this process, when a special ingredient called "sea polyphenol", a powerful antioxidant scientifically proven to promote blood circulation, was formulated into a special cream and massaged on some areas of the head and neck, it was repeatedly found to be very helpful in improving focus, memory, mental flexibility and mood of many sufferers of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and stroke.
It was also found that academic performance, happiness and quality of life was improved when it was used by students, middle-aged housewives around menopause and seniors, respectively.
With this in mind, Phloronol Inc. developed a truly convenient-to-use topical product "VRITOLCREAM" for students, mentally-stressed professionals, middle-aged women and seniors to help keep their mental capabilities at their best.

• Students preparing for important exams
• Professionals performing highly demanding mental work
• Seniors concerned about gradual memory decline
• Women experiencing mood swings due to menopause-related symptoms

• Need extraordinary focus and mental energy to cope with chanllenging work/study
• Difficult to focus or recall memory under stressed condition
• Bad mood under chronic fatigue
• Recently feel a decline in memory and/or focus
• Recently feel a compromise in balance and control of body

A bright mind needs a sufficient level of mental energy. However, excessive use of brain depletes mental energy and accumulates toxic waste in the neural circuit, blocking the inflow of fresh energy. By quickly promoting circulation and relaxation in the stressed area, VRITOL facilitates natural inflow of one's own mental energy.

• Phloronol Inc. developed the formulation of VRITOLCREAM and distributes worldwide via on-line only.
• Phloronol Inc. licensed its manufactuing right to Botamedi Inc. (Korea) and it is being manufactured by GMP under the supervision of Phloronol Inc.

The key ingredient of VRITOLCREAM is the Ecklonia cava extract specially manufactured for best performance by the authentic SEANOL® producing company Botamedi Inc. (Jeju, Korea).
The quality of Botamedi Inc.'s Ecklonia cava extract has been recognized by the US FDA since 2008 when the agency authorized Ecklonia cava extract manufactured by Botamedi Inc. as an NDI after a thorough review of its safety and manufacturing standards.
Botamedi Inc. is the global leader in the quality and standard of sea polyphenol, especially from Ecklonia cava.

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